Friday, April 5, 2013

FIA Fashion Show

In February, a friend asked if I would go to an open call to model for a runway show at my school. I humored her. I went in after a Physics exam, got my measurements taken, and walked up and down for a bunch of girls.

I didn't get any email from them for weeks. I assumed that I had gotten cut and never got told...

I got an email a few hours after I resigned myself to the idea that modeling was not for me, saying that I was chosen to walk.

Knock me over with a feather. My sarcastic, cynical father told me that this could be my "big break!". I scoffed... but I was thrilled.

Last Friday night was the show.

I got out of my tennis class at one, and ran home to shower and get my stuff ready for a long afternoon. I scoffed down a bowl of cereal and scurried off to be backstage for a final fitting at three.

(Just for comparative purposes. Makeup is magic, everyone)

I was one of the first models to arrive, so I ran around taking pictures like a dweeb. Here's backstage... which was pretty much a hallway. Lots of clothes in a small space--it was hot back there!

The runway. The show was held in one of the ballrooms on campus. Once everything was finished, the lighting was awesome and the DJ was bumping. There were hundreds of people there!

This was the hair station. We all had loose waves/curls... I had about half a can of hairspray on my hair to keep it in place, but I loved it!

Makeup was done in a little tiny green room off of backstage. Since there were lots of designers, all of the models had pretty neutral smoky eyes and natural looking faces and lips.

Fast-forward a few hours, and I was dressed in my first outfit of the night. The designer is Eight Sixty. I really liked the dress! One of my friends in the crowd described it as "flirty" and I definitely agree.

Once I walked for Eight Sixty, I dashed around backstage to change for my next look, a top for ZoĆ« Miyori Fujii. Folks, you literally have no time in between looks. You get backstage and change faster than you've ever changed in your life. There are assistants taking your clothes from you and handing you new ones, and as soon as you're all zipped, coiffed, and adjusted, it's time to go back on the runway.

My next look was for Aviator Nation. I don't have a good picture, but I was wearing cutoff corduroy shorts and a white sweatshirt. I didn't have to wear shoes down the runway! Definitely a weird feeling but I enjoyed it.

Side note, if you're looking for any cool and comfortable sweats, hit them up. I'm seriously considering ordering one of their sweatshirts after wearing it last Friday.

After Aviator Nation, we had a brief intermission. Once the show started up again, I had a few minutes to dork around and take some more pictures. Obviously, here's the inner workings of backstage--lots of girls in a small space!

This was my last look of the night, for Affera. The designer is an architecture student who dabbles in jewelry-making in her spare time. Her stuff is seriously cool. If she ever starts to sell her stuff, I will be first in line.

Once I was done with the show, I jumped out of my heels, grabbed a goodie bag (new nail polish and earrings!) and found my friends. Obviously, I was super hungry... so we made a beeline for frozen yogurt! I think I deserved it.

I got back to my apartment at eleven, washed my face, and fell into bed. I dreamt of beautiful clothes all night.

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