About Me

So, why trust me on your culinary issues?

How about a bit of Q and A?

Where do you go to college?
I go to school in Los Angeles, California. I've been kicking around here for about a year and a half, but I'm still exploring all the city has to offer!

Where are you from?
I've lived all over America! I have British parents and we've lived in California, had a brief stint in Tennessee, spent a looong while in Massachusetts, and are now located in Georgia. However, nothing will ever compare to New England ice cream!

What makes you a chef?
Um... absolutely nothing! I've always enjoyed cooking, even though my sprinkle soup at age five was a bit of a disaster. I've been a vegetarian since age ten, so I've gotten quite creative with eating properly without sacrificing taste.

Why blog?
Well, I've been a blog reader for a long time. When I moved out to LA, I wanted to keep track of all the awesome food I encounter and the cool places I've visited. This is my little corner of the internet where I can write a journal of what I've been doing!

Questions? Comments? Pressing concerns?
Hit me up on Instagram at @kat_therine_w or at collegiatechef@gmail.com.

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